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Expect More from Your LMS

Whether you’re evaluating LMS solutions for the first time or reevaluating your current LMS, it’s critical to listen to the specific needs of your organisation’s faculty and students. We’ve created...

  • Gamification Guide

    Students and learners today have grown up with technology. It is how they communicate. They understand and relate to emojis, icons, apps, meme, gifs, social media and, of course, games....

  • A Framework for Outcomes-based Course Design

    Download the guide. Outcomes-based learning is currently one of the hottest topics in education. It’s a learning model that organises curriculum content and learning activities around specific, demonstrable outcomes. Educators...

  • Bold Directions in Modern Learning

    Learn how to effectively manage change as you embark on your modern learning journey. Take your first steps towards creating a modern learning culture in your organisation! Success with modern...

State of the skills gap

Our world is accelerating at speed. Knowing what skills our business and our people need both now, and in the future, is no easy feat.

Next Phase of Learning: The Hybrid Classroom

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the hybrid learning model that school districts should consider implementing moving forward.

The Future of Work and Learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Discover how to maximise the impact of learning and development within your organisation.

Bold Directions in Modern Learning

Your Roadmap for Creating a Modern Learning Culture

Gamification Guide

Millennials are hungry for gamification in their learning

A Framework for Outcomes-based Course Design

How to adapt your course materials to fit an outcomes-based model