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A Framework for Outcomes-based Course Design

How to adapt your course materials to fit an outcomes-based model

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Outcomes-based learning is currently one of the hottest topics in education. It’s a learning model that organises curriculum content and learning activities around specific, demonstrable outcomes. Educators are embracing outcomes-based learning What is outcomes-based education and how does it compare with other educational models like competency-based education or mastery-based learning? We unbox the ways these terms and models differ. because it means that students are coming out of the classroom with the skills they need for the real world.

This quick, actionable guide will help give you a high-level framework for converting your existing course into an outcomes-based course by:

  • Focusing your course on real-world student outcomes
  • Ensuring assessments accurately reflect student capabilities
  • Providing applicable supporting course material

Download the guide to ensure your course prepares your students for life outside of the classroom.