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Gamification Guide

Millennials are hungry for gamification in their learning

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Students and learners today have grown up with technology. It is how they communicate. They understand and relate to emojis, icons, apps, meme, gifs, social media and, of course, games. While computers and technology have been in classrooms for decades, it is now the expectation of educators and students alike that teaching and learning embrace the interactive and immersive experience of gaming.

You are likely already familiar with what gamification is and how it can increase motivation in your learners, but how to effectively incorporate gamification into your course can be challenging as the technology evolves quickly. Grab our free guide to stay in the know. Our experts provide you with a recipe for success in five easy stages and have recently added a bonus stage on leaderboards and trophy cases.

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If you’re looking for help on how to best incorporate gamification into your courses, this guide is for you. It covers:

  • Understanding different types of learners and what motivates them
  • How to choose game mechanics that are the best fit for your learners
  • Design considerations when incorporating game mechanics into your course
  • The best tools that can be used for specific game mechanics
  • Ideas and best practices to use gamification to make your course as engaging as possible
  • New! How to best leverage the motivational aspects of a leaderboard or trophy case to engage your learners