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Meet the D2L Integration Hub

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Your one-stop shop for access to hundreds of D2L Brightspace-integrated technologies and resources.

We recognise that the most suitable tools for the job vary from organisation to organisation and from person to person. We also appreciate that many customers benefit from leveraging learning solutions outside our platform. That’s why we prioritise building and supporting integrations and partnerships that help our customers expand their online ecosystems and make it easier to achieve their goals.

Kyron Purdy
Kyron Purdy

Product Marketing Specialist


Introducing the D2L Integration Hub

Designed with customers in mind, the Integration Hub provides a single source that can be used to access hundreds of integrated technologies and strategic partner solutions. When used together with Brightspace, these solutions can help make learning a competitive advantage, in turn driving growth, innovation and success for learners.

The Integration Hub is a centralised platform designed to simplify finding and choosing integrated technologies and solutions that matter most to Brightspace users. With a focus on usability, experience and improved functionality, you will find:

  • an intuitive search system
  • a visually appealing design
  • enhanced filtering options for regions, languages, segments and more

The contents make it easier to find the right integrations to meet any need. The Integration Hub offers a comprehensive and extensive list of D2L’s integrated technologies, including accessibility tools, student information systems, secure proctoring assessment platforms and more.

The Integration Hub also provides developer resources, opportunities to learn from partner- and D2L-hosted events, and important announcements. It is also on a platform that enables better performance than our previous solution, App Finder.

What does this mean for you?

App Finder will be retired after Aug. 31. We encourage App Finder users to begin transitioning to the Integration Hub as soon as possible to take advantage of its improved features and benefits.

What is the transition plan for active clients?

D2L is reaching out to clients who are actively using App Finder to help prepare them for the transition.  

How can you provide feedback or ask questions related to this change?

Please get in touch with your customer success manager or technical account manager or send an email to [email protected].

We’re here to support you during this transition and ensure that you continue to have access to the best learning solutions for your organization.

Explore the Integration Hub

Let’s Go Explore the Integration Hub!

Written by:

Kyron Purdy
Kyron Purdy

Product Marketing Specialist

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  1. Introducing the D2L Integration Hub
  2. Explore the Integration Hub