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EBMT Adapts Course Delivery with D2L To Ensure Continuity of Training and Assessment for All its Members During the Pandemic

Brightspace offers more than 6,000 EBMT members greater flexibility and the opportunity to connect with a broad network of colleagues, peers and experts in the field of blood and bone marrow diseases and cellular therapy.

Press Release

D2L, a global learning technology leader, announced today that its customer, the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT), is using the D2L Brightspace platform to reach more than 6,000 EBMT members in over 60 countries that are interested in continuing their education and sharing information, research and techniques in the field of blood and bone marrow diseases and cellular therapy.

EBMT is a leading medical-scientific association dedicated to the promotion of all knowledge associated with bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy. EBMT’s members include doctors, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and data managers, working in hospitals and centres across the world. Its mission is to save the lives of patients with blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases by advancing the field of blood and marrow transplantation and cell therapy worldwide through science, education, and patient care.

“Our specialised training was previously delivered in person through short courses at smaller educational venues or academies and during our annual congress,” said Dolores Velasco, E-learning Project Manager at EBMT. “We are pleased to have found a single platform where doctors, scientists, other practitioners in the field and our members can collaborate and have engaging experiences with each other in a way that fits around their busy schedules. As in person educational opportunities were particularly restricted during the last year, this new online platform was a great benefit for us. In the end, we were able to reach even more learners and appeal to a much more global audience using Brightspace.”

Currently, EBMT uses D2L Brightspace to upload live online lectures, deliver e-courses in multiple languages and host webinars and content from virtual events. Online forums are also used to provide a place for learners to discuss course content, ask questions and network with their peers. Looking ahead, the EBMT team is starting to implement interactive scenarios to put students’ knowledge into practice, deliver situational learning and offer immediate feedback.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in person examinations were suspended for EBMT physicians. As a result, the EBMT conducted examinations remotely via D2L Brightspace, enabling students to continue to receive their certificates of completion, which remains valid for five years. In addition, non-technical online courses were developed by EBMT’s Human Resources department to assist in the onboarding of new staff, as well as offering coaching and support for EBMT data managers to reduce anxiety during the challenging period last year. In July 2020, EBMT saw a sharp rise in monthly logins to the D2L Brightspace platform, including more than 200 nurses and almost 600 physicians.

“Building off of the excitement and energy generated by our annual Fusion conference, we’re celebrating our customers and the ways in which they are changing the world,” says Elliot Gowans, Senior Vice President, International at D2L. “With such a diverse member base, ranging from doctors to data managers to nurses and everything in between, EBMT is a great example of how online learning is furthering scientific and medical research that has the potential to save lives. We are proud to support EBMT’s objective to equip its members and the public with clinical research, education, quality control and accreditation.”

About European Society For Blood And Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)

About the European Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)

The EBMT is a not-for-profit medical and scientific organisation established in 1974. It is dedicated to fighting life-threatening blood cancers and diseases and improving patients’ lives with more than 5,000 physicians, nurses, scientists and other healthcare professionals – participating in a unique collaborative network of peers involved in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and cellular therapy research.

The Registry is the backbone of the EBMT. It is the only data source of its kind in Europe. The data is submitted continuously by EBMT centre members. The Registry has data on HSCT procedures including details on disease, transplant type, donor type and stem cell source. It contains data on patients that have undergone HSCT and also patients receiving immunosuppressive therapies or cellular therapies. The Registry also offers the possibility to enter donors’ follow-up data, which is crucial to ensure maximum donor safety.

The Registry underpins extensive European research that translates into changes in clinical practice and improvements in patient outcome and care.

For further information about the EBMT, please visit

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Mélanie Chaboissier, EBMT Communication Coordinator
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About D2L

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