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Remote learning and the future of post-pandemic education

Explore what the preferred student engagement looks like in long term education

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When it comes to student engagement, the emphasis has always been around sustained efforts and active learning in face-to-face classrooms. The recent shake-ups caused by the COVID-19 accelerated the move towards the online learning model and many institutions adopted technology in the anticipation that it will gauge interest and keep the engagement alive in students. Common questions educators had in their minds across Asia-Pacific:

  • Which teaching tools used online resonated well with students?
  • Do students like to learn online?
  • What were the challenges students encountered when learning remotely?
  • Did they succeed in keeping their students meaningfully engaged during virtual modes of teaching?

To get the answers, we conducted a research on 802 students from Australia, India, the Philippines and Singapore to take a closer look at the challenges faced by the students in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and to know their understanding of how well their institutions performed, implemented smart use of technology, and more.

Download this whitepaper to discover what student engagement looks like amidst the current learning situations and how they feel should be the way forward to improve long term education. Decisions taken today will have long term consequences for the future of education. This whitepaper will serve as a guide to institutions and decision-makers in education to learn about vulnerabilities that pandemic exposed us to – and to work together in building a better tomorrow for the learners.