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Gamification: Next-generation engagement for the new generation of learners

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The growth of technology in the last 20 years has spun a different level of expectation in learning online today. With the increasing accessibility through technology, people expect interactive digital environments that they can engage with, rather than just read off.

This free webinar series delves into the increasingly talked-about gamification and personalised learning for online teaching and training and will be presented by Kenneth Chapman, VP of Market Research at D2L.

Gamification: Getting every learner engaged, young and old

People learn best when they are having fun and having fun increases the value of learning for learners across generations. This contradicts traditional means of learning but it is no less efficient in producing quality learner results. Watch this webinar recording to discover the concept and practical applications that matter to you:

  • Why everyone in education and corporations is hyped up about gamification
  • Ways to engage different learners – students vs employees, young vs old, and learners with special needs
  • How do you ‘gamify’ your traditional course content
  • How do you benchmark learner engagement
  • What do learners get out of gamified content

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