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In the world of learning, connection is key. It’s all about building relationships and creating a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other. This one-of-a-kind customer event brings together influential leaders in learning innovation. Don’t miss this chance to connect and make a lasting impact on the world of learning.

You might be wondering: what happened to Ignite? It’s now known as D2L Connection: Brisbane, but it’s still the event you’ve come to know and love. It just has a fresh new name that better reflects D2L’s mission of connecting people and ideas in the world of learning. The event will still feature leading industry experts and innovative thinkers. You can expect insightful presentations, informative sessions and more ways to connect and engage than ever before. 

D2L Connection: Brisbane


  • Date

    Sep 12, 2023

    8:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Duration

    1 Day

  • Location
    TAFE Queensland - Southbank: 66 on Ernest Restaurant

A Golden Opportunity

With presentations, workshops and networking, D2L Connection: Brisbane is a great chance to level up your learning and professional development. You’ll discover tips and tricks and have the chance to exchange insights and best practices with peers.  

  • Hear from experts on emerging trends in hybrid and personalised learning 
  • Enjoy VIP networking opportunities with fellow education leaders  
  • Build lasting connections with like-minded peers, partners and experts

Why Attend?

  • Gain practical experience with in-depth sessions on D2L Brightspace 
  • Discover the latest trends, product updates and best practices  
  • Ask questions and give feedback directly to D2L team members  


Lifelong Learning and Beyond

The world is changing faster than ever before, and it’s having a huge impact on education and labour markets. As workforce requirements evolve, so must the systems that support them. People need the right tools and resources to learn and thrive in this dynamic world of change. 

D2L Connection: Brisbane will explore fresh approaches to lifelong learning. Dive into how learning and skills development need to transform to account for the demographic, technological and social shifts impacting the way we learn and work. You’ll learn about: 

  • Durable skills of the future and how we close an ever-widening skills gap 
  • Why flexible learning models are more important than ever  
  • What employers and education institutions should do to prepare for these changes 


exterior of queensland connection event location

TAFE Queensland – Southbank: 66 on Ernest Restaurant

Level 2/66 Ernest Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Onsite Parking

There is no parking on campus. Nearby parking facilities include the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Bank underground car park, and Queensland Performing Arts Centre. 

Getting There

Nearby Airports and Ground Transportation

Hero Architecture Panels
  • Located approximately 24 minutes from TAFE Queensland’s Southbank Campus by car, or 42 minutes on the Airtrain from South Bank station.

  • The campus is located between the South Bank and South Brisbane train stations, adjacent to the South Bank busway station, and walking distance from the South Bank ferry terminal. 

  • There is a CityCycle stop at the South Bank campus with the campus also connected to a number of bikeways and cycleways. 



Registration Open
7:30 am - 8:10 am

Tea and Coffee Available

8:10 am - 8:20 am


Host: Tony Maguire, Regional Director, ANZ, D2L

8:20 am - 8:30 am

Welcome to Country

8:30 am - 8:55 am

Fireside Chat with John Baker

Facilitator: Jo Pyne, Chief Academic Officer, TAFE Queensland
Speaker: John Baker, CEO, D2L

9:00 am - 9:45 am

D2L Product Roadmap

Speaker: Steve Rogalsky, VP Product Management, D2L

9:55 am - 10:15 am

Morning Tea

Morning Keynote
10:15 am - 11:00 am
  • In an era where learning is constantly evolving, fostering human and technological connections is paramount. Liz Chase, a thought leader at the intersection of law, technology, and future of work skills development, will delve into the transformative potential of generative AI across various educational sectors. Drawing from her extensive experience at Leo Cussen Centre for Law, Liz will shed light on how AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for change, pushing the boundaries of traditional education and training.

    The keynote will explore the central thesis that the future of legal education necessitates a transition from merely consuming technology to actively engaging with it. Students of the future must be adept problem solvers, harnessing technology for a myriad of tasks. Liz will champion the ethos of lifelong learning, ensuring that learners are primed to adapt in a fluid technological environment.

    Highlighting real-world examples and insights from her role at Leo Cussen, Liz will discuss the importance of human-centred design in AI implementations, emphasising the creation of user-friendly experiences for both students and educators. The session promises to be an enlightening exploration of the future of education, offering attendees actionable strategies a renewed perspective on the transformative role of AI.

    Join Liz Chase in envisioning a future where AI seamlessly integrates with education, fostering a vibrant community of innovative thinkers poised to tap into the vast potential of technology for the collective advancement of education.

Speaker: Liz Chase, Head of Innovation and UX, Leo Cussen Centre for Law

11:05 am - 11:45 am

Stream 1

  • This overview session will look at recently released features in the Assessment tools as well as a glimpse ahead at some of the upcoming roadmap items. We will take a look at the Course Specific Achievement Scales feature, the dev pilot Multiple Evaluations option in Assignments, and the new Quiz timing features. We will also look at the upcoming Assessment Reporting package add-on for Performance+ and the plans for aggregated achievement reporting in the Insights Portal along with the new Achievement Threshold setting. Come join us for this feature packed presentation.

Speaker: Michael Moore, Senior Manager, Product Management, D2L

Stream 2

  • This topic would allow us to delve into the realm of self-directed learning and its role in Microsoft certifications. We can share insights on designing interactive and engaging self-paced courses that empower learners to progress at their own pace, while still maintaining high-quality learning outcomes. Additionally, we can discuss how technology and platforms like D2L can facilitate this process seamlessly.

Speaker: Greg Wilkinson, Director of eLearning, Saint Stephen’s College

11:50 am - 12:30 pm
  • When you partner with a D2L Brightspace expert you can achieve far more in less time. In this session, we’ll hear first hand from Forrest Duxbury from Chartered Accountants about how working with a Technical Account Manager has made a significant difference to their day-to-day operations. Learn more about how D2L Optimisation Services can help you achieve your goals. Optimisation Services is a newly created department which includes the Technical Account Management, Learning Administration Management, Learning Analytics, and the newly minted Technical Learning Management teams.


  • John Mason, Manager, Optimisation Services International, D2L
  • Forrest Duxbury, Senior Digital Learning Technologist, Chartered Accountants ANZ
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Lunch + Networking

Afternoon Panel Discussion
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Host: Dr. Cristi Ford, VP of Academic Affairs, D2L


  • Liz Chase, Head of Innovation and UX, Leo Cussen Centre for Law
  • Jo Pyne, Chief Academic Officer, TAFE Queensland
  • Julian Moore, Director, Strategic Membership Solutions
Hurry Hard!
2:20 pm - 3:05 pm
  • Organizations are finding delivering high quality learning at the pace required for today’s modern learners increasingly challenging as skills evolve more rapidly and technology forces fast change. This presentation will explore ways we can meet learner expectations by changing the way we design our learning through shorter, bite-sized course design, and automation. We will also explore a case study using AI and Creator+ to cut design and development costs in half in order to stay ahead of our learner’s needs.

Speaker: Jeff Salin, Manager Learning Experience Consultancy, D2L

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm

Stream 1

  • Learning analytics can provide teachers with valuable insights into student learning and help them to make timely data-driven decisions to improve educational outcomes. This presentation introduces the use of a learning analytics approach for responsive teaching at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. It shows how lecturers can collect data to diagnose students’ learning using the Brightspace quiz features, how students’ learning gaps can be identified through various visualisation features provided in Brightspace, and the implications on bridging the learning gaps to close the feedback loop. Additionally, the presentation showcases the use of Brightspace’s Insights Report Builder, which allows for the creation of customized dashboards and cards to address specific teaching requirements.

Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Chee, Senior Manager, Temasek Polytechnic’s Learning Academy

Stream 2

  • In this session, you’ll learn about designing courses that are more accessible for learners with different types of disabilities and some of the great Brightspace functions that support this.

Speaker: Sarah Clifton, E-Learning Designer, Tui Tuia Learning Circle

3:50 pm - 4:10 pm

Afternoon Tea

4:10 pm - 4:25 pm

Stream 1

Partner Spotlights

Stream 2

Partner Spotlights

Afternoon Keynote
4:25 pm - 5:15 pm
  • As we make our way back to the new normal of educational settings, we are greeted with a renewed sense of appreciation for doing great work as educators. With grace and an openness towards change, these trying times will be yet another opportunity to show just how prepared and determined we can be in tackling difficult challenges that come our way. Together let us face this season head on while showing resilience through empathy – it is what has gotten us here thus far!

Speaker: Dr. Cristi Ford, Vice President of Academic Affairs, D2L

5:15 pm - 5:20 pm

Observations of the Day + Closing

Host: Tony Maguire, Regional Director, ANZ, D2L

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking Reception


Unlocking New Frontiers in Association Education

Whether you’re feeling a little lost on how to apply new tech in your association, or you’re a seasoned integration expert looking for some extra tips, we’ve got something for you.

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