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Customer Stories

Tshwane University of Technology – Delivering continuous learning experiences on and off campus

Students want the flexibility of a digital learning environment. This is the future. Dr. Dhaya Naidoo, Chief Information Officer, Tshwane University of Technology Challenge Consistent Learning Experiences Online And Inside...

More than 1,000 organisations in over 40 countries around the world rely on D2L to help them transform learning.

Advance HE – Professional Development – Advance HE uses D2L’s Brightspace to leverage Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in education

Advance HE recognises the important role that CPD plays in supporting individual development for those working in higher education. CPD is not simply attending a conference or an item to be checked off a to-do list; it is a way in which teaching professionals can transform their practice on a daily basis. Through using a virtual classroom in D2L’s Brightspace platform for reading groups and webinars, and working with those that are new to teaching, Advance HE not only helps to further CPD, but creates a community of learners globally who can interact online.

Advance HE – Advance HE uses D2L’s Brightspace to expand into South-East Asia and China

Advance HE’s purpose is to advance the professional practice of higher education to improve outcomes for the benefit of students, staff and society. As part of this mission, Advance HE champions teaching excellence and works with governments, ministries, universities and individual academics in the UK and around the globe, providing value to the higher education sector by focusing on the contribution of teaching as part of the wider student learning experience.

Delft University of Technology – 20,000 students enjoy a more personalised, engaging learning experience

TU Delft hosts 20,000 students and scientists across eight faculties and numerous research institutes. Director of Education and Student Affairs, Timo Kos, believes that a learning management system is one of TU Delft’s core systems and not one you change easily. With Brightspace fully rolled out at TU Delft, instructors can more easily design courses, create content, and grade assignments. For students, with all courses and subjects migrated to Brightspace, they can benefit from a highly personalised, engaging learning experience —accessing online, blended, and competency-based learning programmes on a single platform.

Saint Stephen’s College – Using blended learning to ensure education is never offline

In 2010, Peter identified a challenge with Saint Stephen’s Computer Studies course. The course content itself wasn’t the issue, but rather that some teachers understood it at a broad level,...


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