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New Year, New Tools, New Rules

Adapting To Meet the Needs of Today’s Learners

How do we adapt to meet the needs and expectations of the modern learner? It’s a question many institutions are contemplating as we commence a new year that’s sure to be full of technological advancements, evolving student expectations and shifting higher education landscapes.  

Amidst this continuous evolution, adaptability is emerging as a cornerstone of success for institutions, faculty and students alike. Educators should be urged and empowered to embrace this change, leveraging technology and data to enhance student outcomes and encourage student ownership in the learning process. 

Our panelists will include:

  • Neil Mosley, director & education consultant at Neil Mosley Consulting
  • Nawaal Deane, head of online education & course curriculum design at University of Cape Town
  • Dr Gelareh Roushan-Easton, head of Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence at Bournemouth University
  • Rob Telfer, director of higher education EMEA at D2L

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1 Hour


Together, We’ll Explore

Strategies for Creating a Student-Centric Learning Experience

Explore innovative approaches that go beyond traditional teaching methods to effectively address and fulfil the unique needs and expectations of modern learners.

The Role of Data in Decision-making

Understand how data can under-pin curriculum design, student support and inform strategic planning.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Student Outcomes

How technology can support educators in facilitating personalised, engaging and innovative curriculum and assessment that’s diverse and accessible for all learners.

Encouraging Student Ownership in the Learning Process

How understanding the significance of fostering a sense of responsibility and engagement among students creates a more effective and meaningful learning experience.


  • Rob has more than 20 years’ experience working on digital transformation projects across various industries. Since joining D2L in November 2020, Rob has been working in D2L’s Education team and has helped numerous schools, colleges and universities across Europe throughout their evaluation, selection and implementation of the Brightspace Learning Management System. Rob is a firm believer in a pedagogy first approach to the design and development of learning technology.

  • Neil Mosley is a consultant specialising in online and digital education. He has worked at the intersection of strategy, design, learning and technology for Imperial College and Cardiff University. He now works with a range of universities and education providers across a range of areas related to digital and online education.

  • Dr Gelareh Roushan has extensive leadership expertise in higher education and is currently the Head of Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence where she leads institutional projects in education enhancement and innovative pedagogies for Higher Education. She led the successful achievement of AACSB accreditation in her previous role in the Business School and more recently, she led the successful achievement of bronze award in Race Equality Charter for BU. She has served on the Board of UK Academy of Information Systems and is mentor for AACSB International.

  • Nawaal Deane, the Head of Online and Course Curriculum Design at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, leads a dedicated team of learning designers and media specialists. Over the past two years, she has spearheaded their efforts on the forefront of transitioning courses onto the Brightspace platform. Her work extends across all clusters at UCT’s Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, where the department is at the forefront of meticulously tailoring the platform to meet the evolving needs of the university’s teaching staff and students. This ongoing migration project will continue until 2025.