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The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design

Our experts break down what instructional design is, what instructional designers do and share tips for creating engaging, inclusive educational content that learners will love.

Top Three Takeaways From Episode 1 of Our New Webinar Series

Membership associations are ideally placed to provide learning and training opportunities to members eager to continue their professional development and stay up to date on industry trends. However, they do face some challenges, including how, when and where learning happens. If associations can meet members’ expectations, they can capitalise on the huge opportunity learning presents—to unlock new revenue streams and diversify the member value proposition through learning.

What Is Lifelong Learning?

Many people think learning stops when they leave school or university, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Lifelong learning creates opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom. In the workplace, it can allow employees to gain new skills and grow in their careers. Meanwhile, employers can reap the benefits of a workforce that’s continually refreshing and building its skills.

Redefining the ROI of Corporate Learning

Discover the disparities learning leaders have when it comes to showing the ROI of corporate learning. Read on to find approaches you can take take to start making the value of your corporate learning clearer.

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Making the Switch From Blackboard to D2L Brightspace

In the D2L webinar “Transitioning From Blackboard to D2L Brightspace”, our host and panelists discuss why their schools decided to switch and share tips and best practices for successful change management.

Regrowing Continuing Education at Southern Illinois University 

Sarah Vanvooren, director of events and outreach at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and D2L customer, shares how continuing education is being regrown at SIU through institutional support, targeting niche audiences and securing faculty buy-in.

The 3 Things Growing Associations Have in Common

Growing associations have these three things in common: they prioritise member growth, deliver value and innovate.

Ready to Transform the Way the World Learns?

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