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Performance Plus

Enabling institutions to use data to create knowledge, take action, and improve outcomes through adaptive learning and learning analytics.

Screenshot of personalized learning features in Brightspace Performance Plus for Higher Education

Personalised learning paths

The adaptive learning engine creates a scalable, personalized experience to help each student succeed in their own way.

  • Semantic engine automatically links concepts to content. It develops an active understanding of each student’s progress against learning objectives, and where they need extra help.
  • Instructors can use the learning objectives, content, and questions they’ve already created for a course to set unique learning paths for each student.
  • Course content and assessments are automatically tailored to each individual, helping deliver a personalised experience whether the class size is 10 or 1,000.

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Screenshot of the intuitive learning analytics for instructors

Better outcomes for at-risk students

Predictive analytics and visual diagnostics can help instructors identify at-risk students in a course and take action to help them improve.

  • Intuitive dashboards transform complex learner data into easily-identified patterns of student engagement and academic risk.
  • Integrated workflows help instructors quickly take prescriptive action for at-risk and disengaged students.
  • With a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, instructors can improve and optimize their course content and delivery over time.
Screenshots of advanced performance reports designed to improve student outcomes

Data-driven decisions

Rich data visualisations and advanced analytics reports give institutions the information that they need to make evidence-based decisions that will help improve student outcomes.

  • Learner performance metrics such as logins, tool access, engagement, grades, content usage, and more, show where students are struggling or succeeding.
  • High-performance reports visualise data from the LMS as well as from outside learning for a complete view into each learner’s progress.

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