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Identifying & Mitigating Risks for Responsible Pedagogy

Ethical Concerns of AI in Education: Reimagined

AI promises revolutionary learning experiences, but without careful consideration, it can also perpetuate harmful biases and inequalities. This webinar empowers educators with the critical tools to identify and mitigate the ethical risks of AI in their classrooms.

Learn about bias in data sets, algorithmic transparency, and strategies for human-centered AI implementation. We’ll also explore practical solutions for promoting fair and responsible AI use in your teaching practice, ensuring every student benefits from the potential of this powerful technology.

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1 Hour


In this thought-provoking session, we’ll explore:

  • Real-world examples of bias in AI-powered educational technology: Dr Melton will dive deeper than headlines to understand how biases in data sets and algorithms can perpetuate inequalities and lead to unfair outcomes for students.
  • Human-centred AI at the heart of responsible pedagogy: Dr MacAuslan will share his experiences building a human-centred approach to AI integration in his classroom, ensuring technology augments, not replaces, the irreplaceable role of educators.
  • Actionable steps for mitigating risks in your own practice: Dr Davis will provide concrete tools and frameworks for identifying ethical considerations in your choice and implementation of AI-powered tools, paving the way for responsible use in your classroom.
  • Building a future-proof pedagogy with AI: We’ll delve into the ongoing discourse on the ethical implications of AI in education and explore how educators can contribute to shaping a responsible and equitable future for technology-enhanced learning. Are you interested in learning how to further personalise and engage your students on your course homepage? Join us to learn how to create custom widgets and add them to your homepage. We’ll also share some fun use cases we’ve seen being used among educators.


Dr Cristi Ford, Vice President of Academic Affairs at D2L


Dr. Robbie Melton Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Technology Innovation at SMART Global Technology Innovation Center
Dr. Van Davis Chief Strategy Officer at WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies
Dr. Robert MacAuslan Interim Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Southern New Hampshire University


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