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Jon Paul

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    How Adaptive Learning is Transforming Teaching and Learning

    There’s a good reason why adaptive learning technology was number one on Gartner’s list of top 10 strategic technologies impacting higher education in 2015 and 2016: it transforms teaching and…

  • Technology
    4 Lessons Higher Education Can Learn from Ecommerce

    We live in a world increasingly driven by ecommerce—it’s present in almost all walks of life, from booking train tickets to ordering dinner—but while campus commerce has been around for…

  • Tips
    How to use Behavioural Economics to Positively Influence Workplace Learners

    Employees can be quite complex when it comes to how they approach learning in the workplace. They have all sorts of motivations and can make surprising decisions based on various…

  • Tips Teachers Can Use to Craft Engaging Learning Content

    Good learning content is like wall spaghetti—it sticks. Sticky learning content isn’t simply about helping students memorize facts and answer questions on tests. Any learner can easily look up facts…

  • Tips
    How to Support Students with Success Initiatives

    With higher education enrollment rates steadily declining, student success initiatives are a great tool that tuition-dependent institutions can use to encourage retention from enrollment through to graduation. They show students—prospective…

  • Tips
    How to Create a Student Success Plan

    Student success planning has always been an important part of the higher education learning experience, but where the question used to be whether institutions could afford to do it, the…

  • Tips
    How to use an Activity Feed to Improve Classroom Engagement

    For many people, including K-12 students, social media is part of the daily routine, and teachers can use this behavior to their benefit. Rather than thinking of social media solely…

  • Tips
    Infographic: 5 Stages to Gamification

    Having grown up in a digital world that’s replete with video games, augmented realities, virtual realities and social media platforms, millennials and newer generations of tech-natives are not only very…


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