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As a D2L reseller, Viducon’s keen understanding of the region will help boost local capabilities for D2L and accelerate its growth.

Press Release

LONDON – 8th February 2022 

D2L, a global learning technology company transforming the way the world learns, has announced Viducon ApS, a Danish company that specialises in video solutions for educational and employee training, has partnered with D2L as a channel partner to help support D2L’s growth in Denmark and Sweden.  

Delivering video solutions since 2014, Viducon has deep experience in promoting video as an integrated element in teaching and employee training. This partnership is part of D2L’s ongoing commitment to reshaping the future of education and work. With Viducon, D2L can expand the reach of its signature technology products that enhance the learning experience for learners at every stage of life. 

To date, D2L’s growth in the region has been restricted due to limited local language training, implementation, and support for D2L Brightspace. However, as Viducon becomes a fully enabled reseller, it will be able to fully support D2L’s customers in the region, in their local languages. 

 “Though we are working with a number of institutions on their wider learning strategies, we have seen limited growth in Denmark and Sweden compared to other regions,” says Stewart Watts, VP EMEA at D2L. “Viducon has vast knowledge of the local market, especially within education. At D2L, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality learning, regardless of age, ability or location. Through this partnership, we can continue to provide the best, personalised solutions for our customers, and I have no doubt Viducon will help accelerate D2L’s expansion throughout 2022 and beyond.” 

“We are excited about our partnership with D2L,” says Yaron Schwartz, CEO at Viducon. “So far, our focus has been to provide the best video solutions for educational and employee training – where we have a great partnership with Panopto, a global leading video solution provider. As we grow, we see this partnership with D2L as a natural next step, as we are now able to provide a complete Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in cooperation with two leading players, Panopto and D2L, with fully integrated solutions.” 



Viducon works with international video solutions providers such as Panopto, Hihaho and Swivl. These platforms make it easy for educators to produce, edit, and share video-based content. We take pride in serving our customers and ensuring that they get the most out of their investment in online video solutions. We work with SMEs, large companies, educational institutions and public bodies, and its customers include Copenhagen Business School, TECHCOLLEGE, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, ROCKWOOL, a Danish Governmental Agency and more. Learn more at 



D2L is a global learning technology company transforming the way the world learns. We’re leading the way into a new era of personalised learning, driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education, regardless of their age, ability or location. Our signature technology products – D2L Brightspace and D2L Wave – enhance the learning experience for millions of learners at every stage of life, from the earliest days of school to the working world. Learn more at 


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