An integrated video assessment tool by YouSeeU. You can use it to deliver structured, video-based assessments that evaluate learners on speeches, presentations, and more.

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Create authentic assessments right in the LMS.

Our partnership with YouSeeU adds video assessment capabilities to Brightspace at no extra cost.

Facilitate skills development.

Help learners practice and develop their communication skills, presentation style, critical thinking, and other soft skills.

Give meaningful feedback.

Instructors can easily grade video assessments and add time-stamped feedback, showing learners exactly where they need to improve.

Upgrade to Video Assignments Premium

A premium version of Video Assignments is available to help you expand the way you use the tool within Brightspace Learning Environment. It includes six additional types of video assignments.

Video Presentation: Evaluate oral presentations, communication skills, and moreYesYes
Time-stamped instructor and peer feedbackYesYes
Storage of submitted video assignments12 monthsUnlimited
Use of rubrics to grade video assignmentsYes
Additional assessment types
Question & Answer: Capture unrehearsed responses to questionsYes
Group Project: Evaluate individual contributions to group projects or presentationsYes
Conversation: Replicate spontaneous conversation scenariosYes
Video Case Response: Coach learners through role-plays or staged scenariosYes
Sync Activity: Facilitate learner-led interviews with peers or subject matter expertsYes
In-Class: Collect and evaluate peer feedback on live, in-class presentationsYes
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