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The Future of Work and Learning

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and it is changing everything.

Enabling Upskilling at Scale Hero

Enabling Upskilling at Scale

Small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to provide the skills development opportunities their employees are looking for. A lifelong learning system with on-ramps and off-ramps throughout an individual’s life is essential to enable upskilling at scale. Employers need to invest in ongoing skills development, providing financial support and time off. Education and training providers need to offer options that serve the needs of working learners. And governments need to play a convening role to bring stakeholders together around a unified vision.

Maximize Resilience Hero

Maximizing Resilience

The challenges of 2020 have only accelerated trends that were already reshaping the landscape of skills and work. Working individuals are changing jobs or vocations more frequently in their careers, by choice and out of necessity, due to technological advances. Employability is determined less by general credential attainment and more by the ability to demonstrate the necessary skills for a job. The future demands a “Learning-Integrated Life”—in which individuals are always in a learning mindset, and intensive and episodic opportunities for learning are woven through the fabric of our lives, and prepared for successful careers and rich life experiences.

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