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Micro-Credentials: A Case for Employee Engagement and Upskilling

This eBook takes a deep dive into micro-credentials, defining what they are and providing best practices for developing and deploying them. It identifies why both employees and employers value micro-credentials and how they can motivate people to pursue professional development.

How Generative AI Is Being Received in Higher Education

Generative AI is becoming a regular part of our everyday lives. But how have higher education institutions been adapting to its presence and use?

In this blog post, learn more about new research that sheds light on how generative AI is being used in higher education.

Podcast: Designing and Delivering Effective Professional Development for K-12 Teachers, with Dr. Joy Karavedas

Join D2L for a conversation with Dr. Joy Karavedas on the importance of developing effective professional development for K-12 teachers.

How Skill Mapping Can Change Higher Education 

Hear guests of D2L’s Teach & Learn podcast discuss what skill mapping is and how it can help revolutionise education and workforce development.

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Professional Learning: Unleashing the Potential of Educators 

Professional learning empowers educators to grow, improve their instructional practices and ultimately enhance student outcomes. Here’s how to practice it even more effectively. 

Podcast: How to Honour Student Voices in Higher Ed Spaces, with Kiara Williams

Join D2L for a chat about the importance of honouring student voices in higher education spaces with advocate Kiara Williams

AI, the LMS and Evolution: The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning webinar brought together former competitors John Baker, CEO of D2L, and Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class Technologies and co-founder and previous CEO of Blackboard.

Find out the predictions of these two ed tech pioneers for the future of learning—including the evolution of education and its relationship with technology.

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