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Upgrade Your Retail Learning Experiences

The retail industry today faces many challenges, such as high employee turnover, decentralised management, and a highly competitive market that includes online competitors and changing consumer expectations. To overcome these challenges, retailers need to change their approach to training and development by embracing a more modern learning experience. D2L can help.

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Modern Workplace Learning

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Upgrade Your Customer Service

Highly engaged employees deliver fantastic customer service. They are also your best brand ambassadors. By using modern training methods that cater to the unique needs and experience of individual employees, you can keep them engaged and ensure you are providing customers with best-in-class service.

  • Capture the attention of retail staff with engaging interactive learning experiences using video and gamification
  • Use situational retail elearning to help employees immediately apply what they have learned to real-life retail situations to improve the customer experience
  • Support knowledge retention and monitor training uptake by automating the delivery of content at the point of need
  • Onboard new employees faster by creating and curating custom content based on individual roles

Upgrade Your Employees

Enhance skill development by making employee learning a continuous, self-directed process whereby employees can access the content they need, when they need it.

Improve retention and promote growth by personalising and contextualising individual learning paths

Deliver customised online retail training to individuals based on role

Determine how, when, and by which delivery method employees see material

Let new employees, management, and subject matter experts communicate more effectively with each other using collaboration tools

Align onboarding activities to learning objectives

Measure the success of your training and onboarding programs

Upgrade Your Leadership

Enable company-wide learning for a new generation of leaders, filling knowledge and leadership gaps.

  • Leverage customizable learning content that aligns with your core brand values
  • Offer a flexible and easy-to-use learning environment that can adapt to and deliver on the strategic objectives of your retail organisation
  • Promote continuous employee-led leadership elearning that allows leaders to develop the skills they need to succeed in management
  • Document and retain knowledge to upskill leaders of tomorrow
  • Promote iterative employee improvement through regular feedback, knowledge sharing, and collaboration with peers, managers, and mentors

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