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University of the future

Our University of the Future series takes an in-depth look at what the future holds for the sector. We interviewed universities from across Europe to understand how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected their institutions and how they plan to deliver value to an increasingly diverse range of students. We’ll be releasing a series of blogs, watch this space! Download this whitepaper to explore how universities can embrace the opportunity to reimagine the university of the future.

Arming You With the Right Information—Presenting D2L’s Complimentary Course on COVID-19

Right now, we’re all pretty anxious. I worry a lot about my family, parents, my coworkers, and friends. About the doctors and nurses and grocery store clerks on the front…

Together We Can Save the School Year

It’s critical we do everything we can to save the school year, to keep students learning and schools functioning, and to prevent an “education recession.”

Is Bias Baked Into AI?

Jutta Treviranus, leading expert in inclusive design, discusses what is required to ensure AI accounts for diversity and achieves true inclusivity.