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Performance Plus

The Performance Plus add-on package for Brightspace delivers powerful learning analytics tools to help administrators, educators, and learners save quality time while maximising impact and driving success. With this expansion to the VLE, you can empower educators with comprehensive user data.

Screenshot of personalized learning features in Brightspace Performance Plus for Higher Education

Learning analytics data that makes sense

Quickly get answers to the questions that are most important to your institution with the advanced analytics dashboards in Performance Plus. With up-to-date information, there is no more waiting for custom reports, no reliance on external tools, and no manual management of roles and permissions.

  • The Adoption Dashboard helps educational administrators clearly see how Brightspace is being used so they can amplify successes and determine which areas need more attention.
  • The Engagement Dashboard helps educational advisors identify succeeding groups and individuals along with those who may be at at-risk, pinpointing where to take appropriate action.
  • The Assessment Quality Dashboard helps educators and instructional designers quickly evaluate the effectiveness of quizzes and quiz questions.
Screenshot of the adaptive learning engine in Brightspace for Higher Education

Personalised learning paths

The adaptive learning engine within our learning management system creates a scalable, personalised experience to help each student succeed in their own way.

  • The semantic engine automatically links concepts to content. It develops an active understanding of each student’s progress against learning objectives, and identifies where they need extra help.
  • Instructors can use the learning objectives, content, and questions they’ve already created for a course to set unique learning paths for each student.
  • Course content and assessments are automatically tailored to each individual, helping deliver a personalised experience regardless of class size.
Screenshot of the built-in predictive analytics for teachers

Better outcomes for at-risk students

Predictive analytics and visual diagnostics can help instructors identify at-risk students in a course and take action to help them improve.

  • Intuitive dashboards transform complex learner data into easily identified patterns of student engagement and academic risk.
  • Integrated workflows help instructors quickly take prescriptive action for at-risk and disengaged students.
  • With a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, instructors can improve and optimise their course content and delivery over time.

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