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Infographic: Soft Skills and Social Learning in the Workplace

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Social learning is an important component of a modern learning culture and key for soft skills development.

A Snapshot of Soft Skills and Social Learning in the Workplace
A Snapshot of Soft Skills and Social Learning in the Workplace

Infographic description

This infographic is calles A Snapshot of Soft Skills and Social Learning in the Workplace.

Social and collaborative learning—including mentorship, coaching, and regular feedback from experts, managers, and peers—are key components of a modern learning culture and important for helping employees develop essential soft skills and improve their performance over time.

  • 80% of all corporate learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers.[1]
  • Soft-skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030.[2]
  • 44% of executives said a lack of soft skills was the biggest proficiency gap they saw in the U.S. workforce. [3]
  • Among learning and development professionals, soft skills are the second most important skills to train for (44%) behind leadership and management skills (52%).[4]
  • Managers who incorporate a range of soft talents into their leadership approach can increase their team’s performance by as much as 30%.[5]
  • Coaching can lead to an average short-term improvement in soft skills of 50%.[6]
  • A well-designed coaching intervention can easily achieve employee performance improvements of 25%.[7]
  • Coaching provides the best outcomes when combined with 360-degree.[8]
  • Millennial workers want feedback 50% more often than other employees.[9]
  • Engagement is highest among employees who meet with their manager at least once per week.[10]
  • Social/collaborative tools are a top learning technology priority for 44% of organisations.[11]
  • Social technologies can enable productivity gains as high as 25%.[12]

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Jon Paul

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