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Brightspace Provides Choice by Integrating with Open-standards Solutions

D2L Supporting Learners With Access to Powerful, Agile Tools

Press Release

Global learning technology leader D2L is continuing its innovative partnership with open-standards software solution providers to support learners, educators, and school administrators.

The move to open-standards solutions as an extension of the Brightspace ecosystem is intentional. Enabling these open-standard integrations provides three key benefits to customers—seamless interoperability between systems, empowering customers to decide the right mix of solutions to support their business and learners, and providing the flexibility of futureproofing. D2L is working with these partners using the IMS Global Learning Consortium certification protocol, which guarantees interoperability across the widest range of integrations and thousands of certified products. Learn more about IMS Global’s Standards First Pledge, which D2L recently signed, here.

Prior to this partnership, teachers using Infinite Campus’s student information system (SIS) or many other SIS tools together with D2L’s Brightspace platform had to enter information twice, which was time-consuming and inefficient. A successful pilot project showed that integrating the two systems allowed information such as classes taken and grades achieved to be shared seamlessly between them.

The range of open-standards software solution providers includes, among the most recent to join in partnership with D2L:

  • Synergy® from Edupoint®, for rostering and grades—Synergy is a world-class SIS that uses data and process management to extend beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value.
  • ClassLink, for identity management, access to digital resources, and analytics—ClassLink’s platform handles seamless Single Sign-On (SSO), automated rostering and provisioning, as well as detailed engagement and usage analytics for an education institution’s entire ecosystem of digital resources.
  • Skyward, for automated rostering and grades—Skyward’s award-winning SIS and ERP solutions are designed to automate and simplify daily tasks in K-12 student management, financial management, and human resources.
  • Blackbaud, for rostering and grades—Blackbaud’s student information software solution enables K–12 schools to easily manage attendance, academic records, schedules, grading, and much more.
  • Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), rostering and grades—GG4L’s School Passport platform, an Open Standards First Integration Platform, facilitates education-related data interoperability, enabling the education sector to implement highly impactful solutions in accordance with their unique, local needs, and allows schools and education supporters to measure the impact of these initiatives.
  • Infinite Campus—Infinite Campus makes an industry-leading SIS to help educators track vital student data.

“The entire ethos of the open-standards approach to software development is about keeping the needs of the people we serve first and foremost in our minds, all the time,” says John Baker, president and CEO of D2L. “That’s been D2L’s mission from the day we created the company. Open-standards makes it easier for our customers to be agile and customize their products quickly and efficiently, for the benefit of our learners. On top of that, these partnerships are having a positive impact on learning outcomes as we all continue to deal with changes to how we teach and learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

About D2L’s Brightspace – Corporate

D2L’s Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform built for organizations that value continuous investment in people to drive their business success.

D2L’s Brightspace is powering smarter upskilling and reskilling of workforces around the world. It is the one place that supports all aspects of learning with better engagement and productivity through personalized learning. It gives your teams the tools they’re going to love and makes it easy to support exceptional experiences face-to-face or fully online.

D2L’s Brightspace is designed in close collaboration with clients around the world – building a rich set of features to improve engagement, retention and learning outcomes. And it makes it easier to give feedback. It’s worry-free with 99.99% reliability. It’s fully accessible and looks beautiful on any mobile device, making it easier for you to reach every learner.

Like many of our clients, D2L uses its award-winning Brightspace learning platform to support onboarding, compliance training, leadership development, and upskilling of its own employees. This has led to back-to-back #1 in North America awards for new hire and onboarding experiences. To learn more, visit D2L for Corporate Learning.

About D2L

D2L is transforming the way the world learns – helping learners of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. Working closely with clients all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. Our more than 900 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than where they found it. Learn more about D2L for K-12, higher education and businesses at