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POSTPONED 1 WEEK DUE TO ILLNESS – Product Tour: The Future of Learning with Brightspace

All Eyes on AI & Automation

In this product tour, discover how D2L Brightspace is transforming the learning experience through cutting-edge automation and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Join us to see how Brightspace is embracing responsible AI to reshape association learning and development for instructors, members and leaders alike.

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45 Minutes


In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Experience first-hand the transformative potential of generative AI in enhancing learning outcomes:

    • Auto-generate practice quizzes, assignments and discussion prompts
    • Get instant AI-powered tutoring and support on-demand
    • Add interactive and accessible elements to courses with no coding required
  • Witness how Brightspace helps free up valuable time and boost efficiency by automating administrative tasks like:

    • Grading and providing feedback on assessments
    • Identifying at-risk learners through predictive analytics
    • Generating engaging course content from text sources
  • Explore how Brightspace utilizes AI to provide powerful data visualisations and insights:

    • Monitor program ROI and enrollment trends
    • Optimise decision-making with AI-enhanced dashboards
    • Measure learning impact through real-time reporting


Glen Luttrell
Glen Luttrell Senior Solutions Engineer, D2L

Glen has over 20 years of experience in educational technology roles in the public sector, vocational education and higher education. His primary focus has been the development of high-quality online learning experiences using a variety of technologies. In his current role as a Senior Solutions Engineer at D2L – Glen works closely with a number of associations, as well as other D2L clients, to understand their online learning needs and ensure that the perfect solution is provided.

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