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Agricolleges Expands Footprint, Boosts Student Engagement and Strengthens its Offering with Interactive Learning Tools from D2L

Features such as quizzes and discussions are supporting new ways of learning for more than 1,000 agriculture students in 30 countries, as monthly student logins rise 178 per cent since January

Press Release

D2L, a global learning technology leader, announced today that its partner, Agricolleges International, is reporting significant levels of student engagement and satisfaction through the cutting-edge video tools, quizzes, and other interactive features delivered by D2L Brightspace.

Agricolleges, which provides affordable training courses in agricultural content and the principles of sustainable production to further food security around the world, selected Brightspace to provide easy access to remote, cloud-based learning to students in South Africa, Africa and across the globe. In doing so, Agricolleges found a platform that is intuitive, mobile-friendly and easy to use for a student base with relatively low computer literacy.

While the initially focused on the South African market, it has since expanded further into Africa, with a goal of reaching 10-15 countries by the end of 2021. Today, Agricolleges has students registered on its system, both current and alumni, from 30 different countries across the world, which points to the potential of Brightspace. Agricolleges also has also signed collaborative agreements with significant players in the African agricultural market, including the African Agri Council and Youth Bridge Trust, in recognition of its work.

“With online learning becoming the norm for virtually every university, college and training institution during the last 18 months, we wanted to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve at all times and become a true expert in online learning,” said Wynand Espach, Chief Operating Officer at Agricolleges. “Brightspace has enabled us to do this, due to the innovations that we are introducing to our programmes via the platform. We’ve made particularly strong progress in the design elements of our learning material, which continues to set us apart in the market. This has led to our recent collaboration with other institutions on online learning development, including Maastricht School of Management.”

For students far from city universities or colleges, Agricolleges offers study opportunities at a fraction of the price of the standard institutions, that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Since January this year, Agricolleges reports a rise of more than 178 percent in monthly student logins, reaching more than 5,600 total logins in May. What’s more, the period from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021 saw a 138 per cent year on year increase in unique users compared to 2019.

“As our offering evolves, D2L remains as supportive as ever – and through Brightspace we are continuing to deliver accessible, remote courses that can be life-changing for agricultural education in Africa,” continued Espach. “There aren’t many other providers in South Africa that use highly interactive tools such as the Brightspace quizzes, video, discussions and other functionality we incorporate into all of our courses. Since these were introduced, we’ve seen a profound impact on overall student engagement, as well as extremely positive feedback on course delivery and enjoyment.”

“As we prepare for our annual Fusion conference this month, we’re celebrating our customers and the ways in which they are changing the world,” says Elliot Gowans, Senior Vice President, International at D2L. “We pride ourselves on being a true and consistent partner for our customers as they develop and personalise the learning experience beyond just content consumption. That’s why it’s rewarding to see Agricolleges explore Brightspace’s interactive features so fully, and to hear such positive feedback from its broad base of learners.”

Learn more about D2L’s work with Agricolleges International here

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