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Skills Building: Getting Serious About Continuous Learning

Redesigning your learning programmes to suit today’s fast-paced

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It’s time for L&D to focus on skills building through programmatic learning, an action-based framework for the development of learning programmes harnessing a variety of content types. By creating a continuous learning culture, employees will have the opportunity to up-skill and perform at their best.

According to The Fosway Group research, 87% of HR professionals expect skills gaps to become more significant in the future. Hiring new people will not bridge the skills gaps alone. It is crucial to get serious about continuous learning, as evidenced by the figures from the World Economic Forum stating that 54% of employees will require significant re-skilling and upskilling by 2022.

In this whitepaper, The Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst firm, in association with D2L, explores the concept of programmatic learning through practical and evidence-based insights on:

  • Engineering coherent learning experiences that can cover complex goals or topics, but still feel ‘easy’ to engage with as a learner
  • Redesigning your learning programmes to suit today’s fast-paced, agile world
  • Supporting ongoing learning rather than one-off learning events
  • Focusing on what really matters – outcomes, performance and results