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Webinar Series: Transitioning to Fully Online Delivery – Webinar 1: How to use Technology to Enhance the Learning Experience

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Watch the first webinar from the Transitioning to Fully Online Delivery Webinar Series.

The emergence of COVID-19 has disrupted normal patterns of life globally – “business as usual” is no longer an option for schools and higher education institutions. In some countries, schools and universities have had to shut their doors. However, learning does not have to stop and it is for this very reason why a growing number of universities have announced immediate plans to move to virtual instruction and online learning.

As the world navigates this unprecedented health crisis, educators and learners are learning to adapt and move forward. Here at D2L we are fully committed to making this shift to online learning one of the easiest and simplest decisions for educators during this tumultuous time.

In Webinar One of the series, learn how to audit your rapidly moved online course and enhance the student experience online by providing them with a robust content experience – keeping them actively engaged and involved in their personalised learning journey.

In this Webinar Amber West, Instructional Designer at D2L breaks down this process into three main steps for how learning can be adapted and improved with digital technology. This covers:

  • A detailed planning process, including assessing preexisting methods and adapting them for digital learning.
  • The transition to a digital learning platform and how to implement technology to enhance students learning.
  • Finally, the reimagining of in-class activities through a digital platform.

All students and subjects are different so there is no single method for transitioning to online learning. Webinar one provides a range of ideas on how to improve learning, so teachers can adapt the principles covered, to their own learning environment.   

In this webinar series where we aim to breakdown the process of moving your learning online and explore how technology can enable engaging and collaborative learning experiences that were previously delivered face to face.

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