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Getting beyond content to create continuous learning experiences that work

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It’s time L&D stopped worrying so much about courses vs resources and different types of learning content. The reality is that content itself will only ever be part of the answer your people need to up-skill and perform at their best. Instead, it’s time to focus on creating continuous learning experiences and action-based development programmes that harness a variety of different content types. In this way, you can be sure that different learning styles throughout your organisation are accounted for.

Great experiences arise when learners are engaged and motivated – when learning content, together with the way it’s delivered, supports them in gaining the skills they need. A successful outcome is when those skills help individuals – and the organisation – meet their objectives. Therefore, It’s important to consider the type of workplace learning that’s needed. Generally, there are two, the first builds technical skills – such as security training or compliance and the second would build on skills development – such as leadership, communication, customer service.

But, how do you make this happen? What should my organisation consider when designing learning programmes? Watch this on-demand webinar to find out more about creating continuous workplace learning experiences and to pick up tips for your own corporate learning and development programmes.

In this webinar David Perring, Fosway Group’s director of research, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst and Alan Hiddleston, D2L Europe account director and programmatic learning expert will talk us through how:

  • To engineer coherent learning experiences that can cover complex goals or topics, but still feel ‘easy’ to engage with as a learner
  • Organisations are redesigning learning programmes to suit today’s fast-paced, agile world
  • Support ongoing learning rather than one-off events
  • To focus on what really matters – outcomes, performance and results
  • Your organization can provide the right learning experience for all training needs


David Perring Director of Research, Fosway Group
Alan Hiddleston D2L Europe Account Director and Programmatic Learning Expert