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In conversation with NilesNolen: Get with the re-skilling programme

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  • Date

    Sep 29, 2021

    3:00 pm–4:00 pm
  • Duration

    1 Hour

  • Location
    Virtual On-Demand

Upskilling employees to fulfil present and future needs is a continuous and global challenge. With employee engagement declining and a growing skills gap crisis, never has the need to keep our own audiences engaged and connected been more pertinent. It’s time L&D stopped worrying so much about courses vs resources and different types of learning content. The reality is that content itself will only ever be part of the answer your people need to up-skill and perform at their best. If reskilling is likely to be an agenda item for you this year you may want to focus on creating continuous learning experiences and action-based development programmes that harness a variety of different content types.

Join D2L as we invite learning gurus Lori Niles and Amanda Nolen from the expert-led consultancy NilesNolen for an open discussion about how to leverage technology and intelligent learning design to build impactful learning experiences. Some topics we will delve into are:

  • How to address and solve the growing skills gap issue within your organisation and ensure that learning initiatives are aligned with your business drivers
  • The importance of securing leadership buy-in to help drive change and build a stronger learning culture to develop deep and complex skillset for your employees
  • To create real impact and value, organisations should consider personalising the learning journey to tailor for the needs of your people
  • What are the key success factors to developing a great re-skilling programme?
  • What is Programmatic Learning? And how this framework can help to deliver high value transformational projects and solve complex skills needs