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Harnessing Digitisation to Unlock Student Success in South Africa

Since the pandemic, digitisation and online learning have become a key focus for South Africa’s higher education sector. Education can now transcend beyond physical and institutional borders, but this, along with emerging technologies, brings a redefinition of roles and a shift in expectations from educators and students.

In this webinar, we’ll cover everything from AI to equipping students to be workforce ready and harnessing technology to fulfil teaching and learning objectives that improve student and educator outcomes.

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1 Hour


Together, we’ll explore:

Using AI to support human-centric learning

Understanding the effective use of AI, risks, ethical implications and biases.

How educators can leverage technology

Supporting educators with creative course design, better assessments and streamlined workflows.

Digital Pedagogy and equipping learners for the workforce

Shifting expectations for students and educators and addressing the skills gap for higher education graduates in South Africa.


Andrew Brunsden
Andrew Brunsden Regional Director, Southern Africa, D2L