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As universities continue to embrace the future of teaching and learning, how do hybrid models, personalisation and tool help to improve the learning journey. D2L together with Feedback Fruits discuss this with Mina Atia from Wageningen University.


Mina Atia Instructional Designer & Educational Advisor at Wageningen University and Research

I have been passionate about the role of technology in enhancing education and learning, and I am very excited to see the current role of technology in transforming education. As a part of the “Online Learning Environment” team in Wageningen University, I support teachers to use technology to create a rich, interactive and inclusive learning environment with their students. This support includes giving training and advise on transforming their pedagogical goals and ideas into reality using available digital tools.

Ewoud de Kok CEO of FeedbackFruits

Ewoud’s journey and the idea behind FeedbackFruits began at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. As a student member of the Dutch national accreditation committee, Ewoud’s vision was to change the way education is designed, by increasing interactivity and collaboration in course design. Ewoud co-founded FeedbackFruits in 2012, which grew to global success in the years after. Today, he continues to lead an international team of over 80 employees on a mission to transform education by making every course engaging.

Rob Telfer Director, Education Sales at D2L Europe Ltd

Rob is a business executive with almost 20 years experience working on digital transformation projects across various industries. Since joining D2L in November 2020, Rob has been working in D2L’s Education team and has helped numerous schools, colleges and universities across Europe throughout their evaluation, selection and implementation of the Brightspace Learning Management System. Rob is a firm believer in a pedagogy first approach to the design and development of learning technology.