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D2L 2024 EVENTS Call for Proposals

D2L Fusion Call for Presentation Proposals

At D2L, we’re committed to providing valuable in-person and on-demand presentation opportunities to our customers and partners. Presenting at D2L Fusion gives you the chance to share your knowledge and expertise with peers in the learning community.

The Fusion 2024 call for proposals (CFP) is now closed.

Why Present?

This is your chance to showcase new ideas, trends and best practices in learning and development. You can also share inspiring stories and successes. Presenters get a discounted registration rate.

Submission Details

Our Fusion 2024 CFP is open until February 24, 2024.

As the lead presenter, you must invite your co-presenters to view and edit your proposal. You can have up to three co-presenters (four presenters in total). All presenters must accept the stipulated terms and conditions.

  • You can save a draft of your proposal and make changes to it anytime. Once you submit your proposal for review, you cannot make further changes.
  • We’ll work with you to coordinate your presentation details. As the lead presenter, you’re responsible for coordinating all aspects of your presentation with your co-presenters.
  • We encourage presenters from different organizations to present together.
Download CFP Info

Presentation Formats

Choose the presentation format you prefer. Our Steering Committee may recommend a different format after reviewing your proposal.

  • Standard Breakout (45 minutes)
    Share your topic and engage your audience in a standard presentation setting or unique interactive activity.
  • Panel Presentation (45 minutes)
    Explore your topic with a panel of co-presenters and a moderator in an in-person or virtual panel setting. You’ll organize the panelists and facilitate the discussion.
  • Discussion (45 minutes)
    Dive into your topic with your audience using questions that lead to conversations, feedback and knowledge sharing in an in-person or virtual discussion setting.
  • Five-Minute Flare (5 minutes)
    Sum up your topic in just 15 slides, each displayed for 20 seconds before advancing (like the Pecha Kucha format). A successful Flare has interesting visuals and fluid speaking.
  • Lightning Session (20 minutes)
    Outline your topic in less time than a standard breakout, with a brief presentation or unique interactive activity.
  • Learning Exchange Showcase (60-minute poster timeslot)
    Display your topic in a concise and visually engaging poster format. Showcase your work and engage and interact with several different audience groups walking around during the dedicated poster time.

Presentation Topics

  • D2L event programs will touch on hot topics and trends in edtech and the future of learning. We will give preference to proposals that touch on the suggested topics below.

    • Accessibility and Inclusive Learning
    • Blended Learning or Hy-Flex
    • Brightspace Extensibility
    • Certification and Micro-Credentialing
    • Change Management
    • Competency-based Learning
    • Course Quality Improvement
    • D2L Product/Services How To’s/Tips and Tricks
    • Data and Analytics
    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Faculty and Trainer Development
    • Gamification
    • Health and Wellness
    • Instructional Technology and Design
    • Leadership and Organizational Strategy
    • Learner Engagement
    • Online Instruction and Instructor/Trainer Presence
    • Personalized Learning
    • Site Admin, LMS, and IT Best Practices
    • Third- Party Solutions
    • Women in Leadership

Presentation Audience

We’re looking for proposals that are suitable for:

Download CFP Info
  • Teachers

  • Faculty

  • Instructors

  • Trainers

  • Instructional Designers

  • Technologists

  • Site Admins

  • IT

  • Leadership

Register for Fusion 2024

July 8–10, 2024 | Toronto, Canada
Network with peers and experts from around the world, discover the latest innovations in learning and explore the topics that matter to you.