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Teaching & Learning in India Reimagined

How institutions can prepare and support educators for success in the new world of teaching

Date: 12 October 2023

The National Education Policy 2020’s emphasis on online and personalized learning has triggered a significant infusion of technology into education. This transformation aligns with evolving student expectations, compelling educational institutions in India to shift toward student-centric teaching methods.

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Amidst this dynamic educational landscape, educators play a pivotal role in adapting to these changes. As education continues to evolve, educators find themselves on the frontline, grappling with strategies to engage students effectively and integrate technology seamlessly. This accentuates the importance of faculty training, equipping educators with tools and strategies to thrive. 

Faculty training not only aids in effective technology integration and engaging lesson creation but also ensures educators stay updated with educational trends. It becomes a navigational guide as education transforms. 

Join Dr. Prem Maheshwari, Business Director South Asia at D2L, along with some of the industry leaders, for insights into achieving educator excellence and supporting faculty in enhancing their teaching skills.

Together we’ll explore:

  • Change Management: Strategies for upskilling educators and instilling classroom confidence, especially during pedagogical shifts. 
  • Consistent Student Experiences: Methods for creating uniform and impactful learning journeys for students. 
  • Post NEP 2020 Faculty Preparation: Exploring steps taken by institutions to empower educators in line with policy changes. 
  • The Role of AI in Education: How institutions are leveraging AI and supporting its integration in the classroom.


  • Dr. Prem Maheshwari

    Dr. Prem Das Maheshwari is the Business Director for South Asia at D2L, a leading global learning innovation technology company. Dr Prem brings over 30+ years of professional experience in higher education with expertise in business development and channel management in the national and international markets.

    Before joining D2L in 2019, he held leadership positions with renowned universities and Higher Education groups, including IMI Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad, Universitas 21 Global, Singapore, Laureate Higher Education group USA, Walden, and Liverpool University. He has also worked with India`s largest private education group, Amity University Online, where he was VP of Partnerships and Tata Infotech (TCS) Education Services.

    Dr Prem has been instrumental in D2L’s foray into the Indian ed-tech space with the resolve to unify the disjointed industry. He envisions capturing at least 30% of the Indian market on the back of D2L’s innovative LMS in the coming years.

    A humanitarian at heart, Dr Prem is the Charter President of Rotary Club of Delhi Legacy. Apart from his work and community-facing social activity, he enjoys singing and spending time with his family.

  • headshot of speaker sandeep marwah

    Sandeep Marwah is an Indian film producer, director, educator, journalist, and businessman. He is the founder-president of the Asian Academy of Film & Television Noida Film City and is the chairman of the advisory committee of Miss Earth India. Marwah is also the founder-owner of Marwah Studios and has produced several short films.

    Director of a film school-AAFT for 29 years. Churned out 20000 media professionals hailing from 145 countries of the world. Designed 75 courses in Media.

  • headshot of speaker ashish mittal

    Ashish Mittal is an accomplished professional serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at the esteemed Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology.  Mr. Mittal’s dedication and contributions to the field have been recognized on several notable platforms. He has received Asia’s 100 Power Leaders Award, underscoring his influential role in the business world. Additionally, his excellence in the HR domain has earned him a place among Forbes India’s Top 50 HR professionals, a testament to his outstanding leadership and expertise.

    His extensive corporate journey of over 22 years has provided him with comprehensive exposure to various facets of HR, enabling him to navigate and excel in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

  • headshot of speaker doctor manivannan kaliappan

    With a remarkable career spanning over 34 years, Dr. Manivannan Kaliappan is a stalwart in the realms of academia, research, innovation, entrepreneurship promotion, and establishing Centers of Excellence. His extensive experience includes fostering robust connections between academia and industry, as well as nurturing international relations.

    Dr. Kaliappan boasts over two decades of expertise in quality assurance and accreditation, having contributed significantly to NAAC and NBA. He has actively participated in initiatives like NIRF and QS I Gauge ranking documentation, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence.

    Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Director at the Vinayaka Mission Research Foundation, where he continues to drive innovation, research, and academic advancement, leaving an indelible mark on the field. 

  • headshot of speaker professor sasmita samanta

    Prof. Sasmita Samanta is a distinguished academician renowned for her exceptional contributions across a spectrum of disciplines, including Human Development, Education, Leadership, and Spiritualism. With a Ph.D. in Management and a Post-Doctorate from NU, Taiwan, she stands as a testament to the highest levels of academic achievement. Her scholarly pursuits have resulted in numerous published books and journals, showcasing her expertise to the world.

    Prof. Samanta’s exceptional contributions have earned her numerous national and international awards and fellowships, recognizing her remarkable impact in the fields of education, social innovations, institution building, leadership, and women empowerment.