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Aliat Universidades

Students realize a 28% increase in speed of learning

Aliat Universidades student’s midterm grades improved by 21% with D2L LeaP adaptive learning

Aliat Universidades is a network of Mexican universities comprising seven institutions with 27 campuses with approximately 60,000 students. Aliat is leveraging D2L’s Brightspace LeaP, an adaptive learning tool, to build personalized learning paths for their students. LeaP provides constant student feedback which identifies the student’s strengths and areas of improvement by creating a study plan customized just for them.

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Client: Aliat Universidades

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  • Engage students from less-privileged socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Standardize the model of learning across 27 campuses that were brought into the Aliat network via acquisitions


  • Enable exploration of different pedagogical approaches to meet students’ needs, i.e. blended and competency-based learning
  • Introduce predictive analytics and diagnostic visualizations to help teachers identify at-risk students


  • Create three flexible models of learning adapted to the needs of each individual student
  • Increase the academic results/performance of students by 28%
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Aliat Universidades is a network of Mexican universities comprising seven institutions with 27 campuses across 15 states of the Mexican Republic, and around 60,000 students. Aliat has more than 50 years of experience in educating and training high-quality professionals. Its programs lead the field, with the best digital tools and an academic portfolio that includes 12 bachelor’s degrees, three master’s degrees and one Specialization Diploma, all endorsed by Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). Aliat is characterized by an educational model that emphasizes quality, accessibility and relevance, and enables its graduates to make a rapid transition into the workforce.

"We’re committed to Brightspace because of all the capabilities it offers us. Above all, because the heart of the educational model at Aliat centers on adaptive learning, and we are convinced that personalized learning and treating each student as an individual is important. Brightspace LeaP is a great help with this."

Jesús Deloya, Director of Education Innovation, Aliat Universidades


The Aliat university network has grown over the years through the acquisition of 27 campuses situated in 15 states of the Mexican Republic.

This ambitious expansion has come with its own challenges. For example, the campuses were all operating under their own different models of education and incurred high costs and resource consumption to meet the needs of maintaining multiple on-premises IT systems.

Moreover, this broad network of universities has more than 3,500 teachers and approximately 60,000 students. The large number and diversity of student profiles (70% in active employment, 30% traditional students) created a need for flexibility and more accessible and interesting learning options. Equally, students’ socioeconomic backgrounds and ability to access technology had to be taken into consideration to help optimize their learning experience.

man and woman on laptop outside


By adopting Brightspace Core and Performance Plus, Aliat’s university network has gained access to the tools it needs to optimize its operations and thus provide a better service to its students.

The Aliat development team has made more than 300 undergraduate, masters and doctorate courses available to its students and teachers, standardizing and aligning the teaching/learning model.

Brightspace Core enables teachers to present their programs in a more dynamic way by adding audio, video and other types of multimedia resources from internal sources, content repositories or external sites, directly into their course content.

Equally, hosting the platform in the cloud gives Aliat guaranteed availability at a lower cost, as well as putting a variety of game-changing tools at its disposal— such as LeaP, which is native to the platform.

The flexibility of adopting Brightspace tools has enabled Aliat to standardize its operations and offer students the freedom to switch seamlessly between different learning models, such as in-person, hybrid and online. This means that students always have the option to adapt their learning experience to their needs, with personalized content that pushes them to achieve their full potential.

Brightspace also provides intuitive learning analytics reports, which make it easier to understand the performance of each specific department, course or student. These reports have also been fundamental to Aliat’s success.

"“The change of culture that has been achieved in our teachers through hybrid teaching has been extraordinary. With the use of methodologies like the flipped classroom and active learning, and the ability to download information from the internet and continue offline, our teachers act as facilitators of student growth. In 12 months, we have seen our teachers not only perform well in their own tasks, but also inspire their students both academically and in their personal lives. Another important change is the use of tools such as plagiarism checkers, which encourage honesty and fair citation of information in the work that students submit."

Jesús Deloya, Director of Educational Innovation, Aliat Universidades


As a result of the implementation of Brightspace Core and Performance Plus, Aliat has been able to standardize both its systems and its learning models across all its campuses. This has enabled Aliat to offer three flexible models of learning—in-person, hybrid and online—which can be adapted to the individual needs of each student.

The Brightspace platform has also enabled Aliat to increase the accessibility of its courses and content to support 100% of its student population, helping students focus and improving the level of learning. In addition, the platform supports professional development for teachers by making all training courses available online.

By personalizing the experience for each student, Aliat has seen a 28% increase in speed of learning by students who use the platform and its tools.

What’s more, Aliat has considerably reduced its costs by eliminating the on-premises servers from each campus and adopting the Brightspace cloud platform.

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