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Elevate Your Classroom with iLearnNYC

Meet the innovative learning platform available at no cost to teachers and students across all New York City Public Schools. With iLearnNYC powered by D2L Brightspace, you can focus less on tasks and more on teaching. It’s your ticket to making learning an interactive journey that captivates and inspires your classroom.

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Creating Engaging Content with Creator+

VIRTUAL | June 6, 2024
12:30 – 1:30 PM EDT

Ready to take iLearnNYC to the next level and add interactive activities for your students to enjoy? Join us as we dive into using Creator+ to create cool content.

We will unleash the true power of Creator+ templates, elements, and practices. Get ready to design lessons that leave a lasting impact, transforming your classroom into an interactive wonderland that students can’t resist. We hope you’ll be inspired to craft meaningful and captivating lessons that spark engagement and foster student interaction.

It’s time to elevate your iLearnNYC game, as we guide you along your journey of educational transformation!

Welcome to iLearnNYC

All K-12 public school teachers in NYC have free access to iLearnNYC. What does iLearnNYC offer?

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You can also contact us at [email protected]

Access the Platform

  1. Create your iLearnNYC course by syncing STARS data (never update class rosters again, it’s all automated!)
  2. Sign into iLearn and enter your virtual class 
  3. Get acquainted with iLearn with Brightspace training
  4. Use the tools with your classes!
  5. Your Implementation Manager can assist you with questions you may have and support your using iLearnNYC 

Already have your course created in iLearnNYC? Sign in to iLearnNYC

Your Implementation Manager (IM) is available for opt-in assistance and support. They’re your go-to contact for any issues. Use the list below to find and contact your IM:

iLearnNYC Popular Tools

Not sure where to begin? Check out these tools, that are designed especially for the various ages you might teach!

Passport to Social Studies Program

NYCDOE’s K-12: Passport to Social Studies program is now available to educators through iLearnNYC powered by D2L Brightspace. These free and accessible unit guides and content for 6-8 grades is already available, with content for 4th, 9th, and 10th grades ready for use in the coming weeks. Passport to Social Studies guides and digital learning materials are available for access for all teachers through TeachHub.

Brightspace iLearnNYC

Built for Everyone

With built-in accessibility tools and features—including multiple languages, translation capabilities and ways to personalize learning at scale—iLearnNYC teachers and students can access the platform anytime, on any device.

iLearnNYC Resources

Make the most of iLearnNYC by exploring everything the platform has to offer.

  • iLearnNYC Resources

    Get up to speed with iLearnNYC’s time-saving tools and features. Learn tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of the platform.

  • iLearnNYC Webinars

    New to the platform? Looking to level up your skills? Boost your iLearnNYC mastery and get the knowledge you need in hands-on sessions led by iLearnNYC experts.

  • K-12 Quick Tips for D2L Brightspace

    Watch quick video tutorials that showcase tips and tricks, workflow best practices, and examples to help optimize your Brightspace classroom.

  • Brightspace Training

    Get the most out of iLearnNYC, powered by Brightspace, with this four-step training plan for educators.

  • iLearnNYC Community Group

    Your go-to for all things iLearnNYC—tips, tricks, resources, upcoming events and more. Connect with other NYC educators to hear how they use iLearnNYC in their classrooms—and help create a culture of shared success.

  • Brightspace K-12 Facebook Group

    Join the D2L Brightspace for K-12 Facebook group to ask questions, share your experiences and learn tips, tricks and strategies.

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