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Teach the Way You Want With iLearnNYC

Finally, a way to focus more on teaching and less on tasks. Meet iLearnNYC, powered by D2L Brightspace, the powerful learning platform available for free to NYC teachers. Start teaching with ease, whether in person or online, and help your students thrive with the best possible K-12 learning experiences.

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Everyone Wins

See how students and educators thrive with a platform designed to personalize learning and foster student success.

Welcome to iLearnNYC

All K-12 public school teachers in NYC have free access to iLearnNYC. To get started, follow the steps to the right.

What does iLearnNYC offer?

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You can also contact us at [email protected]

Access the Platform

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Your Implementation Manager (IM) is available for opt-in assistance and support. They’re your go-to contact for any issues. Use the list below to find and contact your IM:


Make the most of iLearnNYC by exploring everything the platform has to offer.

  • iLearnNYC Resources

    New to the platform? Looking to enhance your skills? Discover tools, resources, tips and sessions led by iLearnNYC experts.

  • K-12 Quick Tips for D2L Brightspace

    Watch quick video tutorials that showcase tips and tricks, workflow best practices, and examples to help optimize your Brightspace classroom.

  • Brightspace Training

    Get the most out of iLearnNYC, powered by Brightspace, with this four-step training plan for educators.

  • iLearnNYC Community Group

    Your go-to for all things iLearnNYC—tips, tricks, resources, upcoming events and more. Connect with other NYC educators to hear how they use iLearnNYC in their classrooms—and help create a culture of shared success.

  • Brightspace K-12 Facebook Group

    Join the D2L Brightspace for K-12 Facebook group to ask questions, share your experiences and learn tips, tricks and strategies.

Brightspace iLearnNYC

Reach Every Student

iLearnNYC comes equipped with multiple languages, translation capabilities, built-in accessibility tools and ways to personalize learning at scale. Easily set every student on a path to success from the get-go, no matter the modality.

Plus, you have access to the Passport to Social Studies program right within iLearnNYC. These classroom packages contain units of study and content aligned to New York state standards, for grades 4-8 social studies.

Want to stay up-to-date on all things iLearnNYC?

You’ll get updates, invitations on to upcoming events and exclusive tips & tricks to get the most out of iLearnNYC.

Passport to Social Studies Program

NYCDOE’s K-12: Passport to Social Studies program is now available to educators through iLearnNYC powered by D2L Brightspace. These free and accessible unit guides and content for 6-8 grades is already available, with content for 4th, 9th, and 10th grades ready for use in the fall. Passport to Social Studies guides and digital learning materials are available for access for all teachers through TeachHub.