Homepage Widget Expansion Pack

Created by our highly experienced design and development team in Learning and Creative Services, these convenient, ready-to-use widgets will easily and efficiently transform the look and feel of your course homepages. Browse the Homepage Widget Expansion Pack catalog below to create the widget package that best meets your needs by selecting widgets individually or in bundles of three.

The widget gives learners a lot of peace of mind because they can see exactly what they’ve done and what they’ve still got to do. This helps them manage their time as professionals. There’s no uncertainty about whether they’ve understood their tasks or whether they might accidentally miss a deadline.

– Krista Walford, Executive Staff Member, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Welcome Window

  • Introduce new users to the Brightspace experience
  • Spotlight important content
  • Include text, images, and video in a single or multipage format

Photo banner

  • Capture the attention of your learners with the photo carousel
  • Edit inline with our easy-to-use templates
  • Change the background and images to add a personalized touch

Slim Announcements

  • Optimize your homepage real estate
  • Reduce scrolling
  • Identify new and relevant information quickly

Profile Card

  • Introduce yourself to your learners
  • Edit inline with our easy-to-use template
  • Share your photo, social media details, and other fun facts

Visual table of contents

  • Flip tiles add an interactive element to your course navigation
  • View course progress at-a-glance across multiple modules
  • Access course modules, module overviews, and next content topics quickly and easily

Learner awards

  • Energize your homepage with real-time updates on course achievements that help motivate continued learning
  • Display both earned and available rewards
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