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Drive positive change with D2L and promote lifelong learning at your faith-based institution.

D2L partners with faith-based institutions around the world to promote effective teaching and learning with flexible tooling that allows faculty and students to stay engaged and productive. So how do we know a partnership with D2L is the right fit for your institution? We can think of 9 reasons to start!

Top 9 reasons why your faith-based institution should use Brightspace by D2L

Reason 1 | Teach how you want.
The Brightspace platform supports a variety of teaching and learning modalities. Now you can offer your students online, hybrid or even self-paced programs to accommodate unique learning styles.

Reason 2 | Easily reflect and continue on the path of learning.
With ePortfolio, students can reflect on their learning throughout their time at your faith-based institution and maintain access even after they graduate, providing the long-term support they’ll need in practice.

Reason 3 | Simple course creation.
Instructors can quickly and easily drag and drop their content into the LMS, helping them build a course more easily. No more worrying about organizing content and files or needing a PhD in technology. Our easy-to-use solution can give your instructors more time in their day to focus on their students.

Reason 4 | Keep an eye on student engagement.
Our Class Progress tool allows faculty to easily monitor student performance and gain insight into which students might be struggling. Brightspace equips your instructors with all the information they need in order to help students in need.

Reason 5 | Measure student success with ease.
Your learning outcomes can be created and measured easily in Brightspace, allowing your instructors to provide any needed guidance to make sure they’re supporting student success.

Reason 6 | Simplify grading.
Instructors can annotate papers directly in Brightspace, and even grade papers offline using our grading app.

Reason 7 | Full mobile responsiveness.
All students can access content on any device, ensuring a consistent experience for everyone so they can stay connected anywhere — both inside and outside the community.

Reason 8 | More partner, less vendor.
At D2L, we value each and every one of our partnerships. Our dedicated implementation team will work closely with you and your instructors to serve and support your faith-based institution’s unique needs during setup and implementation.

Reason 9 | Future-proof your institution.
Keep up with the changing needs of your students while still supporting your traditional learners. D2L’s responsive design and microservices architecture allow us to keep pace with your students’ changing needs and continually make improvements in a way that’s still intuitive for every kind of learner.

Brightspace Core for Higher Education

With D2L’s Brightspace platform, moving to a new LMS doesn’t have to be difficult — because we’re there for you every step of the way! Let our team of experts handle the implementation so your instructors can stay focused on supporting student growth. D2L is already a trusted partner for these faith-based institutions:

“It was important for us to have a learning platform that would be the best possible fit for our institution,” said Barbara Fassett, Director of Information Technology at McCormick Theological Seminary. “We know that D2L has features that were lacking in our previous platform, it integrates with our existing Student Information System, and that is both powerful and easy to use. For us, there was no question that it was D2L.”

Brightspace Core for Higher Education

Your students are active both in their communities and abroad. Brightspace can provide the support they need to collaborate with others inside and outside the classroom through mobile accessibility.

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Let us show you how partnering with D2L can help provide the support your faith-based institution needs to grow and promote student success, easily. Want to know more?

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