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D2L Wave Resource Library

Explore the latest trends, tips, and tricks for managing professional development, eliminating skill gaps, and overcoming talent and skill shortages.

Upskilling Pathways to Retain Construction Employees

Companies that excel at internal mobility retain employees for almost twice as long. Here’s how professional development can help.

Recruitment Strategies to Win the War for Talent

Hiring is competitive. Use these strategies to win the war for talent and land the best candidates for your open roles.

Back-to-School Tips and Tricks for Professional Development

Ready to set sail on a professional development journey? Here are some tips to help make going back to school a success.

Demystifying Online Learning for the Working Professional

The need for continuous professional development in the workforce is high, yet the uptake is still extremely low. Here’s how you can encourage working professionals to engage in online learning.

Why Embedding a Learning Culture Is Vital to Success

Discover what it means to have a learning culture and why it’s important for success

How Can You Develop Your Workforce’s Emotional Intelligence?

Learn how you can leverage the power of emotional intelligence skills in your employees to build stronger teams.

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Culture

What is emotional intelligence and why is it important in the workplace?

How to Overcome Skill and Talent Shortages in 2022

To Make 2022 the year of increased employee engagement and strategic skill development, here are four actions you can integrate into your goals to equip your team for success.