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Managing Career Development Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Learn how you can easily modernize professional development reimbursement workflows, and how a centralized process will provide actionable insights into skill demands and gaps at your organization.

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Build the Skills You Need With the Talent You Already Have

D2L Wave is a cloud-based platform with no user, service or subscription fees. Transform your workforce without investing a single cent more.

Impactful Investments

Align education investments to business growth goals

Transform traditionally disjointed professional development expenses into strategic investments by empowering employees to chose education that supports business strategy.

Be Talent Magnets

Build your brand equity to attract and retain top-tier talent

Stop losing top-tier talent. Building a learning culture and promoting it as part of your employee value proposition pays dividends in higher retention and reduced recruitment costs.

Unlock Insights

Obtain insights into any skill demands or gaps within your organization.

Get full visibility into employee learning and professional development interests across your entire organization in one centralized place.

Level Up

Empower career mobility while enabling future profitability.

Realize true transformative change by supporting each employees’ career goals while gaining the skills necessary for the business to retain its competitive edge.

Change Everything Without Changing Anything

Choose the ultimate upskilling and talent development solution for your workforce. D2L Wave can seamlessly boost team resilience to help you stay ahead of the competition.