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Reimagine Professional Development and Supercharge Your Workforce

D2L Wave is a free-to-use workforce education marketplace that helps the construction industry increase quality and efficiency across all teams through talent development.

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Everything your need

Recruit and retain top talent through professional development

Leverage employee-led learning to attract skilled talent and engage top performers.

Remove barriers to continuous learning

Make it easy to find, request and register for education that your employees want and your business needs.

D2L Wave Construction

Transform and future-proof your workforce

With real-time data, gain insights into your team’s skill development.

Turn your ad hoc training expenses into strategic investments aligned to the needs of your business.

Limit the impact of skill gaps by building the skills your business needs to accelerate growth.

Getting started is a breeze

  1. Set your company’s skill priorities and goals..
  2. Get a curated catalog of programs and courses from trusted education providers..
  3. Employees find, request and register for approved courses..
  4. Any approved tuition subsidy gets invoiced directly to the company—with no markups or additional fees.

Change Everything Without Changing Anything

Choose the ultimate upskilling and talent development solution for your workforce. D2L Wave can seamlessly boost team resilience to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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