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Teaching and Learning: Reimagined

Higher education is always evolving. This series is inspired by and built on the trends we’re encountering—from learner engagement to student success and institutional effectiveness. It’s curated specifically with the higher education educator in mind, with webinars, blogs and stories that showcase new ways to look at the practices of teaching and learning.

Teaching and Learning: Reimagined a Series by D2L

In this series, we’ll explore a wide range of ideas and strategies tied to the ways we learn and design learning experiences. The intention is to challenge conventional wisdom about how we teach and learn. By doing so, we have an opportunity to rethink, reexamine and reimagine what learning can look like for all learners across their lifetimes. Want to collaborate with us on a webinar or blog post? Reach out to us at [email protected].

Upcoming and Previous Resources

Teaching Today: Reimagined

Faculty burnout is a tale as old as time. It remains a challenge that sits at the core of many, if not all institutions; and one which was only further…

The Student Experience: Reimagined

Today’s student population is the most diverse in history, distinguished by intersections of race, age, economic status, gender, sexual orientation and many others. While research shows that diversity can increase…

The Future of Education: Reimagined

As educators, we know that the recent upheaval of a once well-established “normal” exposed gaps and injustices and provoked reflection in higher education. Individual and collective resiliencies were tested in…

Student Success: Reimagined

Long before the pandemic took hold, the terms online, hybrid, and HyFlex learning were growing in popularity in higher education. Institutions have been evolving for years to meet the needs…