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Beyond course management.

Build a dynamic learning experience with extensive multimedia and mobile support so that everyone can access what they need where and when they need to.
  • Group work made easy with shared documents, video chat, polling, and more
  • Award-winning accessibility focus ensures tools are WCAG 2.0 standards-compliant and compatible with assistive technologies
  • Extensive multimedia support, News Feeds, Notifications, Email, and Instant Messaging
Screenshot of the Brightspace increasing student and faculty engagement.

Personalized for teachers and students.

Instructors can tailor courses to fit unique academic objectives. Learners can control how they access content, move through coursework, and collaborate with others.
  • Personalized online communications using the Video Note™ tool
  • Interaction with course documents and eTextbooks through an integrated mobile application
  • Informal learning and collaboration via discussions, blogs, and D2L ePortfolio
Screenshot of online communications using the Video Note™ tool.

Intuitive tools, intuitive technology.

Make tasks more efficient with user-friendly tools, freeing up instructors’ time to concentrate on guiding and teaching students—not managing software systems.
  • Anywhere, anytime grading with D2L Assignment Grader
  • Personalized learning paths and communications with Release Conditions and Intelligent Agents
  • Align key content, activities, and assessments with critical learning objectives
Screenshot of the Brightspace making tasks more efficient with user-friendly tools.

Deeper insights for better outcomes.

Set students up for success with analytics functionality that gives faculty and administrators the ability to assess and guide learner performance more prescriptively.
  • Progress Dashboards help quickly identify and reroute at-risk learners
  • Comprehensive course-level analytics and data visualizations help track learner performance
  • Create rubrics to help evaluate quizzes, assignments, discussions, and more
Screenshot of the Brightspace giving faculty and administrators the ability to assess and guide learner performance.

The following products are included in this solution:

Brightspace Learning Environment

Our LMS offers all the tools and resources needed to ensure a personalized and mobile-ready online and blended learning experiences.

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Brightspace ePortfolio

Combine social sharing and experiential learning to allow learners to store, share, and reflect on achievements that shaped their personal journeys.

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Brightspace Learning Repository

Share content both within an organization and publicly using a tool that connects individual learners with a global ecosystem of valuable resources.

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