Discover a window into your child

Now you have the power to increase your child’s chances of success both in the classroom and beyond. You can work with the education community to monitor your child

At D2L, we believe that the greatest opportunity we have to make progress is to influence and improve the learning experience for our children. Technology offers us the chance to turn education into an engaging experience that accommodates the needs of every child. With Brightspace, our integrated learning platform, we put every student at the center of a personal learning journey that allows for interaction even beyond the walls of the classroom. We help you to collaborate and connect with the learning community by providing you with the visibility to ensure a more successful outcome for your child.

A personal experience relevant to every learner

  • Lessons are presented for the way students learn
  • Classes and individual students can be engaged by empowering teachers with tools and enabling better communication with you—the parent—to ensure the best possible support

Make learning social and more engaging for everyone

  • Lessons are more meaningful when students discuss them in the ways they already use to connect socially, such as online discussions, blogs, and chats
  • Stay involved and informed by accessing presentations created by your child

Offer your child learning technology they’ll want to use

  • Brightspace offers a simple-to-use experience that enables rapid and enthusiastic adoption by all students
  • Teachers can embed engaging media-rich content, including HTML links, videos and captured lessons
  • Students and parents can select the medium that’s most convenient—for example, desktop PCs or mobile devices—to view course resources, portfolios, or discussions

Improve your visibility into student outcomes

  • Relevant information delivered in useful formats helps challenge and support students to reach their highest potential
  • Work with educators to understand if your child is at risk and quickly respond with early intervention
  • Find ways to help your child achieve success by preparing them for post-secondary education and beyond

Communicate with the entire learning community in one place

  • The Brightspace platform enables teacher-to-student, teacher-to-parent, and teacher-to-colleague communications using a single solution
  • Teachers can reach students and parents using their preferred method, including instant messaging (IM)