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Using Video for More Authentic Assessment and Learning

1 hour

Michael Moore, D2L

Jeff Lewis, YouSeeU


Student satisfaction soars when they connect with the learning process and are challenged at a higher level. And research has shown that higher satisfaction levels lead to improved outcomes. But how do you create and support an engaging, authentic learning experience in an online environment?

By now many instructors have incorporated video into the classroom. But utilizing video has the power to do so much more – it can fundamentally improve student engagement and assessment effectiveness. We invite you to be part of the discussion around authentic assessment and explore how the new Video Assignments tool in Brightspace uses innovation to create dynamic video interactions.

Join us online to learn:

  • What is authentic assessment and why is it important?
  • Why timely and meaningful feedback is critical to improved outcomes and how to provide it in an online environment
  • How video-based assessments empower educators to build deeper connections and support student success.
  • Why video could be key to ensuring students have the skills needed for career readiness.


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