Using Intuitive Navigation to Increase Student Engagement and Success

1 hour
Brightspace Community

Stefanie Baldwin, Learning Solution Designer. Anna Magolon-Parobek, Senior Instructional Designer


You’ve got your course, you’ve got the content, now it’s time organize and structure it in way that best fits your students’ needs. In this webinar we will explore effective strategies to structure your course in order to facilitate greater student engagement, enhance logical flow of content, and ultimately provide a superior course experience. We will start simple! What is your course outline? Does your table of contents capture this outline? Can students see the BIG picture of their course? Can they see the relevant topics they will learn about? Then, we will explore how to get the most out of tools already available to you, including:

  • Table of Contents
  • Modules/Sub-modules/Topics
  • Standard Widgets
  • Brightspace Tools (i.e. Discussions & Quizzes)

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