The Daylight Experience: Get an update on the latest for the new user experience coming to Brightspace

1 hour

Jeff Guerts, Senior Product Designer

Steve Rogalsky, Senior Technical Product Manager, UX Development and Design

The Daylight Experience is the new look and feel for Brightspace products and early access is available in your Brightspace Learning Environment test environment for you to follow along as it is developed. Discover how this new design will provide an exceptional experience on any device.

During this webinar we’ll do a deep dive into:

  • How the updated layout, fonts, icons, and a responsive navigation bar will make it easy for your learners to use the Learning Environment from any device
  • The changes that have been made so far to the Learning Environment with an emphasis on the most recent changes, and
  • Discuss what changes are still coming and the next steps in the roll-out of Daylight

Whether you’ve turned Daylight on in your test environment and want a walk-through of what’s changed, or if you haven’t turned Daylight on yet but want a close look, then this is the webinar for you. You’ll leave feeling prepared to start your transition to Daylight.

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