Smarter Onboarding: Using Brain Science to Improve Onboarding Outcomes in Financial Services

2:00 PM ET
1 hour

Kiara Graham, Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L


Financial services organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to onboarding new employees. They are facing tough competition from industries like technology making new approaches to hiring and development a must. They also exist in a highly-regulated environment, meaning getting new employees up-to-speed and compliant with company, industry, and government regulations efficiently is also key. Brain science can unlock smarter onboarding that is more effective and efficient at getting new hires up-to-speed and positions financial services organizations as attractive places to work for a new generation that craves more highly relevant, personalized learning experiences.​

​In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to apply behavioural economics to learning design and behavior
  • How to design onboarding programs that improve storage and retrieval learning
  • How to leverage brain science to make onboarding faster and more effective

Kiara Graham is a Learning Strategy Consultant at D2L. Kiara has over seven years’ experience helping organizations foster innovation and growth by creating modern learning cultures through strategic investment in learning and development initiatives. Kiara has worked with Learning teams in higher education, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and hospitality industries on organizational transformation, change management, leadership development, onboarding, and technical and soft skills training. Kiara’s experience has taught her that making learning a priority today can position organizations as leaders of tomorrow in this age of digital disruption. Kiara holds a Master of Arts from Carleton University.

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