Why Responsive? How our mobile-first strategy makes Brightspace available to everyone, on every device.

1 hour

David Cameron (Product Manager, Mobile & UX)
Christian Pantel (VP, Product Design & UX Development)


For today’s learner, mobile access to the LMS isn’t a feature; it’s an expectation. Learners may use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet – or even all three – to access their organization’s LMS, and they expect that it will “just work”.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what it means for an LMS to be truly mobile-friendly and available to every learner. We’ll explain:

  • The importance of making an LMS usable, functional, and available on every mobile device.
  • What “responsive design” means, and how it achieves that goal
  • Why we’ve chosen to invest heavily in responsive design for the Brightspace Learning Environment, and how it is complemented by purpose-built mobile apps.

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