Product Demo: Create a Modern Workplace Learning Culture With D2L’s Learning Platform

2:00 PM ET
30 minutes

Dan Maillet, Solution Engineer, D2L
Kerri Manorek, Learning Strategy Consultant, D2L


Deploying a modern learning experience in the workplace can not only help organizations adapt to change with agility, it can also drive improved performance, employee engagement, and retention. In order to truly adopt effective strategies it is crucial to understand the tools available to you in a modern learning platform.

Your hosts, Dan Maillet, Solutions Engineer, and Kerri Manorek, Learning Strategy Consultant, will demonstrate the latest features in D2L’s learning platform that can help upgrade leadership development, technical skills and the customer experience.

This webinar will show how you can leverage D2L’s Learning Platform, Brightspace, to:

  • Create an engaging modern learning culture
  • Leverage video and social interaction to provide coaching and feedback
  • Create and curate content quickly and easily

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