One hour. Three experts. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CBE!

1 hour

​Brian Fleming, Principal, Tyton Partners - Ryan Anderson, Director of Instructional Design and Development, UW Extension - Mike Moore, Senior Advisory Consultant, D2L


According to a recent Public Agenda survey, 64% of respondents are in the planning phase of competency-based education (CBE) program development. This indicates that, while CBE is growing in popularity, most institutions are still just trying to figure out if, and how, CBE can be a viable alternative to more traditional higher education models.

If you’re an institution that is just beginning to explore CBE, or in the planning stage of CBE program development, this webinar is for you. We’ve assembled a panel of CBE experts to answer all of the questions that you have on this increasingly popular topic.

We’ll address questions like:

  • Why CBE? And why now?
  • How are different institutions implementing CBE? Is CBE more popular in certain degree programs?
  • What is the best way to structure assessments in CBE programs?
  • Are CBE programs producing more workforce-ready graduates?
  • Can CBE truly influence student success?
  • How does the role of faculty change in CBE programs?
  • How are schools managing things like funding, credit transfer, and tuition for CBE programs?

Our experts want to answer your specific questions too, so please submit a question when you register for this webinar!

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